Wednesday, 9 May 2012

"Breathe & Reboot" at Vyner Street Gallery

My natural automated process of approach to any initial artwork is to amplify my subject, no matter the motive or context, thus involuntarily establishing restrictions within the composition – confining any ability to capture the subject as a whole.
The work itself becomes contained within a capacity I choose, often culminating in indefinable, graceless and uncoordinated quantities.
This particular piece is from a series of which have been painted to produce fleshy, animal-like positions with attention to capture instances of motion and gesture.
The presentation of the work adds to the control I endeavour to pursue over what can be observed: encasing the study within a structure adds another deterrent where the piece becomes apprehended once more.
To isolate the subject reflects in the most part my conflicts and limitations within circadian life – repeatedly controlled and restrained within “a generation abandoned” – the preeminent execution is to breathe and reboot. 

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